Socialist in Surrey

swimming in a sea of blue

About me

IMG_1641-2 copy    My name is Della Reynolds and I live and work in Molesey as a specialist teacher for children with specific learning difficulties. I stood in the general election in 2015 and 2017 as an Independent candidate on a socialist platform to provide a counter-balance to the largely accepted view that the citizens of Surrey all vote conservative.  When someone stands up and supports socialist principles others may follow but during both campaigns, I became concerned by a reluctance to discuss politics at all here in Surrey.  Local Facebook groups and neighbourhood sites who represented the largely Conservative view removed any ‘political’ posts, even during the election campaign period.  For arguing my case with logic and not insult I was expelled from these groups without warning by the admin.  I am hoping that by the next election more people will agree that healthy democracy thrives on diverse opinion. We won’t all feel the same way but we should all be able to put forward our point of view and be treated with respect. Here’s to the next time and to a wider acceptance that there is nothing to fear about being a socialist in Surrey.


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